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Bartop SUPER MARIO New Multicade Arcade Cabinet PacMan Simpsons TNMT XMen Tetris

Bartop SUPER MARIO New Multicade Arcade Cabinet PacMan Simpsons TNMT XMen Tetris
Bartop SUPER MARIO New Multicade Arcade Cabinet PacMan Simpsons TNMT XMen Tetris
Bartop SUPER MARIO New Multicade Arcade Cabinet PacMan Simpsons TNMT XMen Tetris
Bartop SUPER MARIO New Multicade Arcade Cabinet PacMan Simpsons TNMT XMen Tetris

Bartop SUPER MARIO New Multicade Arcade Cabinet PacMan Simpsons TNMT XMen Tetris   Bartop SUPER MARIO New Multicade Arcade Cabinet PacMan Simpsons TNMT XMen Tetris
Bar Top Mario Themed Arcade Game Room Classics Multi Game. This machine comes with Mario artwork. Capable of playing 750-999 game boards. We added a BRAND NEW CONTROLS , JOYSTICK , BUTTONS, WIRING HARNESS, AND MORE! This machine is set up for free play only. Plugs directly into home wall outlet use surge protector to turn on/off. It also have adjustable castors on the bottom to level it out. This is the small size arcade machine you have always wanted that will not take up much space at all! You can even hang it on your wall! Great for home entertainment, also good for bars, cafes, and many other places! A must have for every game room/ man cave! Please use the images for additional details.. Size Approximately : 24.5"wide x 16"deep x 25.5tall. Most games have been sitting in a dirty warehouse for decades and who knows what's living in them! We then do any cabinet repairs , check the monitor, power supply, guns, trackball, etc. And do any repairs that need to be done. Before we finish the machine up we put the game into a "burn in test" for 24 hours to make sure the game is working 100%.

If you are interested in getting a poker machine, cherry master machine , coin-op Foosball , Super Chexx bubble hockey, classic arcade games, modern arcade games, antique slot machine, coin-op, and 6, 7, 8 foot pool table or air hockey, restored and antique coke machines, mega touch machines, Multicade machine, shooting, driving, sit down or stand up, jukeboxes new and old, pinball machines ranging from clunkers all the way to super premium high end machines, drop me a message or a ring. We have years or experience in the vending/coin op business. If it's coin-op or vending related, we can probably get it. ALL machines come with FREE LIFETIME TECH. If we can not help you we will provide you with someone that can.

We will cover all parts and labor. PICK-UP IS PREFERRED at our shop at. 318 West Diamond Street Coatesville, PA 19320. 750 in 1 Game List: 001. King of Fighters 2003, The 002. King of Fighters 2004 Ultra Plus, The 003. King of Fighters 2000, The 004. KOF 2002 Magic Plus 3 005. KOF 2002 Magic Plus 2 006.

Rage of the Dragons 007. SNK vs Capcom Plus 008. Cadillacs and Dinosaurs Plus 010. King of Fighters 2004 Plus / Hero, The 011. KOF 10th Extra Plus 012.

Samurai Shodown V Special 019. KOF 99 - Millennium Battle 021. Michael Jackson's Moonwalker 029.

The Last Blade 2 038. Real Bout Fatal Fury Special 048. Real Bout Fatal Fury 049. Real Bout Fatal Fury 2 050.

Art of Fighting 2 052. Art of Fighting 3 053. World Heroes 2 Jet 057. Dungeons & Dragons: Tower of Doom 059.

Dungeons & Dragons: Shadow over Mystara 060. X-Men: Children of the Atom 062. Vampire Savior 2: The Lord of Vampire 064. Vampire Hunter: Darkstalkers' Revenge 065.

Vampire Hunter 2: Darkstalkers Revenge 066. Super Street Fighter II X 067.

Super Street Fighter II Turbo 068. Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers 069. Super Puzzle Fighter II X 070. Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo 071. Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix 072. Street Fighter Alpha 2 073. Street Fighter Alpha 3 074. Street Fighter Zero 2 075. Street Fighter Zero 3 076.

Saturday Night Slam Masters 077. Ring of Destruction: Slammasters II 078. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes 080. Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors 081. Mars Matrix: Hyper Solid Shooting 084.

Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters 091. Street Fighter II - Champion 094.

Street Fighter II - Rainbow 095. Street Fighter II - Red Wave 096. Street Fighter II - Hyper Fighting 097. Street Fighter II Turbo 098. Street Fighter II - V004 099.

Street Fighter II' - Rainbow 2 100. Side Arms - Hyper Dyne 104. Ganryu / Musashi Ganryuki 110.

Kabuki Klash - Far East of Eden 111. Aggressors of Dark Kombat 117.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 123. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 124. Ikari III - The Rescue 131. Metal Slug X Plus 137.

Metal Slug 5 Plus 140. Raiga - Strato Fighter 142. The Super Spy (1P) 160. 1944: The Loop Master 168.

Gradius II - GOFER no Yabou 177. Prehistoric Isle in 1930 184. King of the Monsters 210. King of the Monsters 2 211. The King of Dragons 223. Knights of the Round 224. Mega Man - The Power Battle 226.

Rockman - The Power Battle 227. Voltage Fighter - Gowcaizer 234. Legend of Success Joe 239. Date Quiz Go Go 242.

Wonder Boy III - Monster Lair 267. Pistol Daimyo no Bouken 299. Legend of Hero Tonma 300. Trio The Punch - Never Forget Me 320.

Off the Wall (1P) 338. The Irritating Maze (1P) 342. Souko Ban Deluxe (1P) 344.

Neo-Geo Cup'98-The Road to the Victory 349. Tecmo World Soccer'96 355. Bottom of the Ninth 362.

Top Player's Golf 369. Bakatonosama Mahjong Manyuki(1P) 375. Great 1000 Miles Rally 384. Ironman Stewart's Super OffRoad 389. Neo Drift Out (1P) 392. Nightmare in the Dark 394. Puzzle De Pon R 405. Snow Brothers 3 - Magical Adventure 414. Wonder Boy (set 2) 423. Wonder Boy (set 4) 424. Wonder Boy in Monster Land 425. Cookie & Bibi 3 438. Neo Turf Masters / Big Tournament Golf 454. Jyangokushi - Haoh no Saihai (1P) 466.

Wild Fang / Tecmo Knight 467. Knights of Valour Plus 480. Knights of Valour Plus ver. KOF 10th Anniversary 2005 Unique 486. KOF Special Edition 2004 487.

Garou - Mark of the Wolves 490. Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon 514. Captain America and The Avengers 515.

Calorie Kun vs Moguranian 550. Do's Wild Ride 579. Onna Sansirou - Typhoon Gal 584.

P-47 - The Phantom Fighter 619. Knights of Valour 2 623. Knights of Valour 2(106) 624. SNK vs Capcom Super Plus 629. Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon 2003 630.

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon 2003 Super Plus 631. Street Fighter II' - Hyper Fighting(World) 639. Street Fighter II' - Champion Edition (M4) 640. Street Fighter II' - Champion Edition (M5) 641. Street Fighter II' - Champion Edition (M6) 642.

Street Fighter II' - Champion Edition (M7) 643. Sol Divide - The Sword Of Darkness 647. Air Buster: Trouble Specialty Raid Unit 653. Asura Blade - Sword of Dynasty 656. Cookie & Bibi 2 672. Tecmo World Cup'90 678. The Cliffhanger - Edward Randy 688.

Fancy World - Earth of Crisis 691. Got-cha Mini Game Festival 696. Mille Miglia 2: Great 1000 Miles Rally 697. Mille Miglia 2: Great 1000 Miles Rally (USA) 698. Mille Miglia: Great 1000 Miles Rally (USA) 699.

Mobile Suit Gundam EX Revue 700. Gunforce - Battle Fire Engulfed Terror Island 702. Lode Runner - The Dig Fight 707. Super Spacefortress Macross II 708. Daraku Tenshi - The Fallen Angels 711.

Michael Jackson's Moonwalker 722. The Legend of Silkroad 733. SD Gundam Psycho Salamander no Kyoui 740. Art Of Fighting 2 48. Art Of Fighting 3 49.

Bottom Of The Ninth 121. Cookie & Bibi 2 172. Cookie & Bibi 3 173. Date Quiz Go Go 193.

Dishii Puzzle Ha Irimasenka 205. Dragonball Z 2-Super Battle 230. Dungeons & Dragons II 237.

E-Swat - Cyber Police 250. Heuk Sun Beak Sa 346. Hyper Street Fighter II 356.

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure 367. Kidou Senshi SD Gundam 388. King Of The Monsters 392. King Of The Monsters 2 393. Knights of fthe Round 396. Knights Of The Round 397.

Knights Of The Round2 398. Kov 2007 Power Fast 449. KOV Plus Power Fast 451.

KOV Super Heroes 2 455. KOV Super Heroes F 456. Let's see who copies this 472. Metal Slug 4 Plus 524.

Metal Slug 5 Plus 526. Metal Slug 6 Plus 528. Missing In Action II 542.

Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon 650. Puzzle & Action Ichidan-R 660. Puzzle & Action Tant-R 661. Puzzle Fighter II T 669. Puzzle Fighter II X 670.

Puzzled Joy Joy Kid 674. Quiz Meitantei Neo & 682. Real Bout Fatal Fury 697.

Sd Gundam Neo Battling 738. SfI I -Thewo rldwarrior 750.

Side Arms Hyper Dyne 771. Snk Vs Capcom Plus 786. Street Fighter II M2 819. Street Fighter II M4 820. Street Fighter II M5 821.

Street Fighter II M6 822. Street Fighter II M7 823. Street Fighter III 2Nd 825.

Street Fighter III 3Rd Strike 826. Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix 854.

Super Stfighter II T 869. Super Stfighter II X 870. Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles 885. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 886. The Killing Blade Plus 896.

The King Of Dragons 897. The Last Blade 2 899.

Top Player's Golf 925. Warriors Of Fate 3Js 971. The item "Bartop SUPER MARIO New Multicade Arcade Cabinet PacMan Simpsons TNMT XMen Tetris" is in sale since Tuesday, March 16, 2021.

This item is in the category "Collectibles\Arcade, Jukeboxes & Pinball\Arcade Gaming\Video Arcade Machines". The seller is "lianaarcade" and is located in Coatesville, Pennsylvania. This item can be shipped to United States.
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Bartop SUPER MARIO New Multicade Arcade Cabinet PacMan Simpsons TNMT XMen Tetris   Bartop SUPER MARIO New Multicade Arcade Cabinet PacMan Simpsons TNMT XMen Tetris